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40 Avenue de la Fosse des Pressoirs, 77700 Magny-le-Hongre, Marne la vallée, France


40 Avenue de la Fosse des Pressoirs
77700 Magny-le-Hongre Marne la vallée

Our Commitment

Our CSR Charter

Fabulous Hotels Group is acutely aware of the environmental and social challenges our world is currently facing. It is for this reason that our teams dedicate themselves every day to building a more sustainable future.





Fabulous Hotels Group comprises 3 hotels with very different atmospheres, all located in Marne La Vallée, near Disneyland® Paris.


The 4-star Dream Castle awaits you for an enchanted interlude amid sumptuous French gardens.

The majestic 4-star Grand Magic Hotel and its unique immersive experience will transport you to mysterious and imaginary worlds far beyond our reality.

As for the 3-star Explorers Hotel, it welcomes on board the most seasoned adventurers with its exploration theme.


As a young, passionate, and committed team, we aim to constantly improve and reinvent ourselves. This encourages us to keep pushing back our limits and to set ourselves ever more ambitious targets. Among our main priorities is the desire to adopt more responsible behaviour and practices, both from an ethical and environmental standpoint.


Since 2021, we have been working closely with our sustainability advisor, Considerate Group, to establish an effective CSR strategy that can be implemented in the shortest possible timeframe. A Green Team was created to carry out this initiative.


Members of the Green Team include representatives from each department as well as the Hotel Managers of each establishment, with the aim of covering all levels of our Group and facilitating coordination and internal communication. At the helm of this Green Team is Guillaume Bechard, Hotel Manager of the Explorers.


This CSR Charter reflects our commitment with regard to sustainable development.


We are determined to create an environment where our employees and guests live in harmony, while preserving our planet’s natural resources.






“Dear readers,


It is my privilege to present to you our CSR Charter, which is the expression of our commitment and ambition to further improve in the area of sustainable development.


Our Group has always been driven by a strong desire to make a difference, not only by providing quality products and services, but also by having a positive impact on our society and our environment. This CSR Charter testifies to our commitment to integrating these concerns into all of Fabulous Hotels Group’s activities and decision-making.


As the world faces growing environmental and social issues, we know that companies have a key role to play in contributing to a more sustainable future. This Charter addresses a wide range of issues, including reducing our carbon footprint, preserving natural resources, promoting a circular economy, protecting biodiversity and assuming social responsibility. It is the result of in-depth reflection and close collaboration between all our Group’s stakeholders.


We are aware that the journey towards a more sustainable future is an ongoing process. This is why we are committed to regularly assessing our performance and sharing our progress with our employees and stakeholders. We have strategies in place to monitor, measure and report on our progress to ensure that we remain on track and meet our targets.


By adopting this CSR Charter, we also encourage our employees, partners, and customers to support us in our approach. Collectively, we can have a positive and lasting impact, and help build a better world for future generations.


I invite you to read this Charter carefully, take the time to understand its importance and join us as we put it into practice.


On behalf of the entire Dream Castle, Grand Magic Hotel and Explorers team, I wish to thank you for your support and commitment.


Fabulously yours,”

Guillaume Bechard

Hotel Manager of the Explorers, Head of the Green Team






Fabulous Hotels Group is committed to making continuous improvements in terms of social progress, and to ensuring the well-being of its employees, notably through the implementation of better working conditions. Our initiatives as an ethical and responsible employer are as follows:



Human Rights, Equality & Security



All human rights, safety and equality policies have been put in place and are reviewed annually to ensure that they are working effectively within the Group.


In 2021, an action plan was developed to implement measures to support staff and guests with disabilities or accessibility needs. It was subsequently implemented over the course of 2022, along with improvements to structures and accessibility for people with reduced mobility within our establishments.


In the same year, the gender equality indexes appeared on our hotels’ respective websites, providing full transparency and an incentive for us to continue to improve our results.



Working Conditions



With the aim of improving the well-being of our employees, we regularly review our health and well-being programme and the benefits package to which they are entitled, in an effort to make it more comprehensive and beneficial. This is why a system has been set up to gather feedback from staff. The programme and benefits include:


  • Company health insurance with a 70% reimbursement rate
  • A 13th month’s salary paid in full as from 6 months’ seniority in the Group
  • A seniority bonus granted every year after 3 years of service
  • A monthly meal allowance depending on the contract
  • Works council gift vouchers for the holiday season
  • 25% discount in the Group’s catering outlets


Mindful of the physical and mental health of our staff, a plan for improving physical working conditions has been put in place, and we are always actively searching for options involving mental health training or support.


We pay close attention to air quality and are particularly vigilant about the ventilation system, cleaning products and paint used in our facilities. Regular training courses on health and safety emergencies are organised for our staff.


We believe that the well-being and growth of our employees is the key to providing a quality service to our customers. It is for this reason that we have introduced a new induction process, carefully designed to help welcome and integrate our new hires. We are pleased to report that 95% of our employees are on permanent contracts, providing them with considerable professional stability. We also understand the importance of in-house training and career development for our employees. This is why we have created specific training plans for each position, enabling our staff to acquire new skills and develop further throughout their careers. We also actively encourage internal promotion and provide career development opportunities for talented and motivated employees. We are aware of their potential and are committed to supporting their professional development within Fabulous Hotels Group.



Staff Awareness & Engagement



We foster a volunteering spirit within our establishments and have introduced an internal programme to promote events and activities related to sustainable development, to encourage our staff to be actively involved in social and solidarity actions. The purpose of this programme is to raise employee awareness on environmental and social issues, with an emphasis on sustainable development.


We regularly report on our performance in terms of sustainable development to all our staff to keep them informed of the latest initiatives taken with the help of our Considerate Group advisor, and we also offer training in recycling in order to promote environmentally friendly practices within our hotels.


We organise special events for our staff, like the Children’s Christmas in partnership with Secours Catholique, which involves collecting toys in our three hotels, and a Garden Party that brings together staff from all three establishments for a moment of fun among colleagues.


We update our information on sustainable development every year, informing our employees of the impact it has on their duties and responsibilities. We also provide training courses focusing on environmentally friendly practices, encouraging our employees to adopt a more sustainable approach at work and in their day-to-day lives.


Lastly, we celebrate special events throughout the year, such as Earth Hour Day in March and World Cleanup Day in September, with the objective of raising our staff’s awareness of environmental issues and promoting sustainable actions. We also actively encourage our employees to get involved in voluntary work to support causes they feel strongly about.


Training course on eco-friendly practices






Fabulous Hotels Group is fully aware of the environmental challenges our planet is currently facing. We are keen to address these issues and are determined to play an active part in preserving our environment. As a company, we are constantly looking for ways to integrate responsible and sustainable practices into all aspects of our operations, whether it be in the management of our resources, the reduction of our carbon footprint or the promotion of a circular economy. We are convinced that each of our actions counts, and we can collectively make a difference and build a better future.


From this determination comes the pride of seeing the Dream Castle, the Grand Magic Hotel and the Explorers obtain the Green Key label in 2024 and be part of the 1,665 certified establishments in France. The Green Key label covers all five continents and is the leading international sustainable tourism label for tourist accommodation and restaurants. This certification recognises the efforts we have made and provides further encouragement for our future actions.



Guest Awareness



We are implementing several initiatives aimed at raising awareness, meeting the needs of our guests, and encouraging them to take part in our efforts to promote sustainable development. For instance, several questions related to this matter feature in our customer satisfaction surveys. This enables us to gather their opinion on our sustainable practices and identify areas where we can make further progress.


We regularly communicate on our establishments’ performance in terms of sustainable development to our customers. We have also introduced concrete initiatives to promote sustainable development, and set up numerous areas dedicated to recycling cardboard, cups, bottles, and cans in our hotels, actively encouraging our customers to take part in our efforts to reduce waste.


Regarding room service, we encourage guests to have their towels changed and their rooms cleaned only on request to minimise our environmental impact. In addition, we have introduced various measures to raise awareness, including signs reminding guests of eco-friendly practices that are accessible to all, as a way of including them in our approach.


By using the romm directory ‘Loungeup’ platform, we are able to communicate effectively with our customers, sharing information about our responsible initiatives.


Lastly, we are currently developing a paperless check-in system following the success of the paperless check-out system we had previously implemented. This will enable us to reduce our paper consumption as well as making our interaction with customers more environmentally responsible.



Our Supply Chain



One of our priorities is to improve our supply chain management and make responsible choices in terms of products and suppliers. By following strict criteria, for instance, we take care to choose environmentally friendly products, including biodegradable household products and detergents that meet EU Ecolabel standards.


We have also established a set of criteria as well as an entire process to ensure that the purchase of all future furnishings and decorative items is compatible with our approach. We are always looking for environmentally and community friendly options, making sure that our choices of materials and suppliers help make our supply chain more sustainable.


We favour local and/or more responsible suppliers when it comes to food and beverage. We have formed partnerships with companies that share our values in terms of eco-responsibility and quality.


Similarly, we took steps to reduce plastic waste by no longer introducing new single-use items into our hotels. As for those that are already present in our hotels, we are actively seeking alternative sustainable solutions.



Our Environmental Initiatives



The Group has taken a number of initiatives relating to climate, energy, water, waste management and biodiversity:


  • We have set up a data tracking system through Green Gen (see Green Generation) to monitor and analyse our carbon footprint, energy consumption and water consumption.
  •  We have communicated our targets and our carbon reduction plan to our employees, keeping them informed of our ongoing actions. Our plan aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.
  • As part of our efforts to encourage the use of electric vehicles and lower carbon emissions, we installed charging stations for electric vehicles in our establishments in 2022.
  • We regularly monitor and report on our energy consumption, which allows us to review our performance and identify areas for improvement. These reports are conducted on a quarterly basis.
  • We are gradually replacing our lighting with LEDs. Over 80% of the lighting in our three hotels is now LED, and we expect to reach our 100% LED target by 2024.
  • We follow our water consumption closely through the use of Green Gen’s Emerald platform. This enables us to assess our performance and adjust the measures we take to reduce water consumption.
  • We are looking into ways of reusing or recycling water to reduce our water footprint.
  • We use waste data reports to identify possible improvements. All recyclable waste is properly separated and disposed of in accordance with current regulations.
  • We have improved both our recycling facilities in guest areas and our composting practices.
  • We organise workshops focusing on waste management to raise awareness and train our staff.
  • With regard to biodiversity, we have contacted charities that support local wildlife and natural habitats in order to assess the situation in our 3 establishments and assist us in preserving our environment.
  • We use insecticides that are deemed non-hazardous for wildlife. We have also replaced dangerous pesticides with organic and/or natural pesticides.
  • When acquiring new plants, we favour local species to help promote biodiversity and support indigenous ecosystems.
  • In 2023, we installed several beehives in our three establishments to protect bees and pollinators, thus contributing to maintaining the balance of our environment.
  • Beautiful nesting boxes carefully decorated by each department (using eco-responsible products) were installed in the gardens.






Fabulous Hotels Group is aware of the importance of supporting and engaging with the local communities where we operate. To that end, we try to find charities that are actively working to protect and improve the lives of local people. We aim to establish lasting partnerships with these organisations so that we can make financial or material donations, or send out volunteers to contribute to their initiatives.


In collaboration with Les Bouchons d’Amour, we collect plastic bottle caps in support of people with disabilities. We also work with local associations such as Arile and Secours Catholique to donate mattresses, duvets, pillows and other necessary items to improve the living conditions of people in need. Moreover, our three establishments regularly donate meals to the association La Main Tendue. We also donate food to the association MCS Fitness in Magny-le-Hongre. We invited the organisers of the 10 km race in Magny-le-Hongre, an event which supports Ela (the European Leukodystrophy Association), to have dinner in one of our hotels, to express our gratitude for their actions benefiting society.


Collecting toys at the 3 hotels for Secours Catholique



We are partnered with a local organisation that offers apprenticeships and internships to individuals living in the area.


By supporting local businesses offering artisanal products, such as local beer from Magny-le-Hongre for instance, we encourage both economic development and the promotion of local products. Our customers can enjoy a truly authentic experience that showcases our region’s heritage and craftsmanship. Similarly, we support the local economy and highlight our history through cultural partnerships, notably with the Sea Life Aquarium, which protects marine life, and the Great War Museum in Meaux, which is Europe’s largest museum dedicated to the First World War.


Our commitment to the environment includes active participation in events such as Earth Hour Day, where non-essential lights are switched off to raise awareness of energy conservation. We also work with organisations such as France Nature Environnement Seine-et-Marne (FNE 77), to promote environmental protection and support sustainable development initiatives, and the French League for the Protection of Birds (LPO), to learn more about endangered species and better manage our outdoor spaces to preserve our natural heritage. We will be holding a ‘Bird Day’ to raise awareness of this topic among our guests.

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