, Once upon a time at the Dream Castle Hotel - Dream Castle
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29 January 2023
30 January 2023
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Once upon a time at the Dream Castle Hotel

One lovely summer morning in 2022, the inhabitants of the Dream Castle and all the knights of the realm awoke full of joy, excited to prepare the royal banquet that took place every year on that very day.

As they were getting ready for the festivities, the knights noticed with concern that they had not seen their king once since the sun rose on that very special day.

Panicked, they all set out to find him. As they searched hallway after hallway and floor after floor, they made a strange discovery. The wings of the Castle had been transformed during the night. It was as though time had stopped to make way for a thousand and one changes, inviting in a dream universe where indoors and outdoors became one. The palace was now a fantastical world full of sparkling colour, made for joy, playfulness and dreams.

Its fantastical spaces were ready to dazzle Guests of all ages.

The knights continued until they had discovered every secret that the majestic dwelling held, from the reception rooms to the lush arches of beautiful plants and its enchanting forest.

They were also welcomed into its restaurant full of delicious scents, where they savoured and shared gourmet dishes and immersed themselves in warm, hearty cuisines.

The knights almost forgot that the king had disappeared! After feasting to their hearts’ content, they continued their search and discovered a whole new pool in the gardens, where they could relax and enjoy the sunshine.



The Castle had become a place of pure fantasy, full of nature and enchantment.


Thanks to their new, peaceful environment, the knights decided to lay down their armour and live forever in an enchanted realm made of wonder, laughter and unforgettable moments.

As for the king, we’ll let you guess what became of him…